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    Is Home Automation Expensive?


    Well, Yes and No. It's relative to your own needs and circumstances. Most DIY'ers for example, start with the simplest form of home automation in energy savings. You have higher upfront costs but those are absorbed by some substantial dividends over time. For example. An incandescent light bulb costs between $.50 and $1.20 with a heat loss efficiency rating of MINUS -90%. By contrast. An LED cost is between $6.00 and $9.00 and has a heat loss efficiency rating of only MINUS -10 to -15%
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    Is Home Automation compatible with my current system?


    Home automation devices communicate using IFTTT standards and will be compatible with your current system. Your home automation expert will be able to get all your devices to “talk” to one another seamlessly.
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    Can Home Automation be accessed Remotely?


    A resounding YES! Home Automation can be accessed (in most cases) right from your Smartphone anywhere in the world that has internet access. You can control your temperature settings, Lighting, Security, even your gate or garage door that have wireless controllers.
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    Is Home Automation costly to use


    No. Home Automation is designed to reduce your energy costs by giving you much more control over your home environment.
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    Is Home Automation difficult to understad?


    Well, you don’t have to be an MIT graduate but it does help to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of gadgets that most people have seen before. Most design apparatus’s in Home Automation come in the way of easy to understand touch screens on your smart phone, keypad or remote.
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    Can Home Automation be Retrofitted?


    Yes. Your Home Automation Expert will be able to retrofit most any environment.
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    Exactly what can be "Automated"


    Any more, that is a matter for your imagination. The ability to control your drapes in the morning or your temperature controls while your three thousand miles away is alluring to some people. Maybe you have a summer home that you would kind of like to check in to from time to time. Home automation gives you the peace of mind to know that you can remotely access all your security and home health conditions in the palm of your hand with your smartphone.
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    What if I want portions of my Business automated?


    Your bottom line is very important! Home Automation is NOT just for homes. Many business; Small, Med, Lg. can ALL benefit from business automation. A large warehouse for instance that may use high wattage HID or HIF lighting solutions can greatly benefit from a much lower energy cost of LED lighting. Having "smart" technology controlling your climate control is equally beneficial.
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