SMART Computing



Smart Home Solutions:  Visual Design, Security, and Installation

The Network is the backbone of your home automation solution. It serves as the de-facto punching bag for all the devices you can throw at it. Your Home Automation Installation Technician expert will be sure that he will get all your Home Automation Devices to "Talk" with each other.
Energy and Climate Control
Hand in hand with Networking, your environmental control abilities go. Your motion sensors can tell your lighting when you are not around. Now I am sure there is some other creative Shit I can write here but I need to think on that.
Lighting / switches
Lighting solutions are probably the easiest to understand by most DIY'ers. The installation consists simply of a HUB (A main system that can communicate with Subsystems) and an array of either Smart Lights or Smart Switches with Lights.
Audio / Video
 In an Internet of Things world, visual design, Audio and Video capabilities have not been left out!  With IFTTT technology keeping everything connected, it is much easier then yester-years to connect multi-room entertainment.  Most modern mid-high end receivers already have visual design with room to room capabilities & bluetooth standard.  Our visual design experts can guide you through the installation process to determine the quality of Audio and Video that best suits your needs.

Security and Surveillance

Motion sensors
Fire / CO2 Detectors
Flood sensors
Garage Door Controllers
Gate Controllers